This is Elizabeth Graves’ photography blog, separate from… well, her phone photography blog?  Her personal website?  Right.  I see the confusion.  

I am an active fine art photographer, and wish to share works-in-progress with any visitors to my site.  However, many photo competitions require never-before-shared images, a common requirement that discourages me from even describing my active projects.  Some of my portfolios take YEARS to assemble, which means my website may be quiet for years… so I am trying to find a compromise by sharing samples, at least.

Also, when I’m very good, I post proper articles to the excellent wet (chemical) darkroom printing site,, instead of my own sites, because: it is such a great site!  

Life without my darkroom has been harsh, however, and so I’m working on tiny, darkroom-free projects at the moment, which I wish to share.  So, here we are!