San Francisco’s Mission District in Red

At the very end of my 2018 sabbatical, I wandered my old neighborhood, the Mission District, with my Contax G2 and some Lomography Redscale film from my refrigerator.

Lomography Redscale is one of the company’s “experimental” film products, in which they spool the film backwards, so you are shooting through the red-orange emulsion.  The results are relatively monochrome, through greens still make their stand in an eerie way.  Since I was shooting in a neighborhood with lots of historical buildings, deep brick reds, and great texture, I choose it hoping it would fit well.  (I remain a big fan of black and white film, and am unlikely to give it up for this, but it is fun to experiment.)

This gallery shows my affection for the textures of the neighborhood.



2 comments on “San Francisco’s Mission District in Red

  1. I was surprised to see that you are using 35mm film! These pictures came out very nicely! Thanks for the share. 🙂

    1. Film is fun! It still has some characteristics that would take too much work to match in photo editing software, especially with respect to contrast and filtering. I will continue to use it for experimental projects and fine art printing.

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