From My Archive: Motherboards

Motherboard detail

Back in 2012, I was at an eWaste Recycler in Seattle looking for pretty heat sinks (long story, also photography-related), and came across some beautiful motherboards.

No, really, they are LOVELY.

Motherboards generally have lots of parts that are arranged for efficiency, and there is still a lot of soldering and spiky interfaces, but there is also a beauty to their layouts.  I don’t believe it is intentional, but it struck me.  I bought a stack of inoperable motherboards, brought them home in my luggage (like ALL NORMAL PEOPLE DO, just having bags filled with motherboards and dirty laundry), and scanned them at very high resolution.  I then selected regions I found especially attractive, and selected those sections to use in small cards and postage.

Few people have seen them beyond recipients of my postcards, so I’m sharing the images here.