Fine Art versus Random Fun Photography

SF City Hall with Dome in Sunlight

There are two tricky things about having a formal site for my portfolio.

The first is that galleries and contests leading to exhibits don’t want to show work that has appeared already on the web. Which discourages me from sharing work I want to show under glass in an art space.

The other is that I am also a casual daily photographer, and wind up keeping my ordinary daily diary-type photos elsewhere, since they aren’t about formal composition, lighting, or technical process, but are often silly or documentary.  Though those need a home!

This means that I have a separate place to post those frivolous images, which is at, an old-fashioned, pre-Google-flavor-of-Blogger type of site.  It’s simple, is primarily a phone photo site, and only contains periodic posts on other topics (often related to my photo subjects, or (less justifiably) to food).  Newest phone photos and links are always at the top; going back in time, you’ll find my migrated Google+ posts (2011 to 2019), and my old iPhone 1 photos (January 2008 – September 2012).

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